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User friendly tools for industry to measure and reduce chemical footprints (Tox-redUSE)

How can the industrial application of chemical footprint calculations be simplified? In the project Tox-redUSE, natural science and social science researchers explore the user requirements of chemical footprint assessment tools. A concept and implementation plan will unfold from a co-creation process with three companies handling or producing chemicals.

Responsible management of chemicals and waste is one of the UN's global goals for sustainable development and part of the EU's Green Deal. The entire life cycle of chemicals, goods and waste must be considered to reduce negative effects on humans and the environment.

Chemical footprint is a life cycle-based indicator of chemical pollution (in this project with a focus on human toxicity and ecotoxicity impacts). The indicator has the potential to be a tool for industries to measure and reduce their chemical footprints and thereby achieve important sustainability goals. The project aims to make tools for chemical footprints more usable for the industry.

Scientifically accepted models for chemical footprint assessment have proven to be complex to use, in research projects where industrial actors and researchers collaborated. The threshold for industrial application has often been too high. This project aims to lower this threshold and enable a good implementation of these tools.

In the project researchers from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Chalmers cooperate with the companies Nouryon, Perstorp and Volvo Car Corporation.

Survey on the experience of using tools for calculating "chemical footprint"

The project Tox-redUSE invites companies to an anonymous survey on the experience of using tools for calculating (eco)toxicity indicators in LCA (so-called chemical footprint). The survey results will be an important part in the project’s development of a new concept to calculate chemical footprints.
Take a few minutes and help the project reach this goal!

Project facts

  • Project name: User friendly tools for industry to measure and reduce chemical footprints (Tox-redUSE)
  • Financier: Formas – a Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development
  • Budget: 4,5 MSEK
  • Partners: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Chalmers University of Technology, Nouryon AB, Perstorp AB, Volvo Car Corporation
  • Period: 2022 - 2024


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