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News | 2018-04-17

Environmental impact evaluated to design effective instruments

In a project for the Swedish Transport Administration, researchers of the Swedish environmental research institute IVL and Chalmers University of Technology evaluate the environmental impact of shipping to analyze the type of emissions with the greatest impact.

We are looking at various instruments and cost-benefit analyses for technical solutions, says Erik Fridell from IVL. This knowledge is required as background data in order to design effective instruments that can reduce the environmental impact of shipping. It can also be used to design environmentally differentiated fairway dues based on actual ship emissions. Since 1 January 2018, the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) is already differentiating fairway dues based on a vessel’s class in Clean Shipping Index.

The project’s approach is to carry out an analysis of the costs and benefits for engaging in Swedish waters. The project will take into account the current situation, but also look at regulations that will soon be implemented. Scenarios will be developed to assess the impact of different instruments and the levels that can be expected to reduce environmental impact. One result of the project will be a recommended weighting of the emission categories used by Clean Shipping Index.