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News | 2022-12-21

Environmental differentiation gives extra discount during 2023

Reduced costs for fairway dues­ – after a decision by the Swedish Government, shipowners will receive extra rebate on the fairway dues during 2023.

Shipowners that have verified ships in Clean Shipping Index that reach > 75 points (equivalent with SMA’s environmental class A-C) will share 20 MSEK extra environmental rebate. The incentive to register and verify a ship in the Clean Shipping Index is therefor even higher that before, if it calls in Sweden.

Regulatory changes for carbon emissions

New control measures that aim to reduce carbon dioxide from shipping are being implemented by both IMO and EU.

One example is IMO’s introduction of CII - the Carbon Intensity Indicator – which evaluates the transport efficiency of ships and is given in grams CO2 emitted per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile travelled. From 1 January 2023 it will be mandatory for ships to collect data for the reporting of CII and CII rating in 2024.

EU ETS is the European Union’s Emissions Trading System which regulates greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector and energy-intensive industries. EU has recently decided that shipping will be included from 2024.

The Clean Shipping Index team and the Technical Committee closely follow the development of these new policy measures. Clean Shipping Index is based on the principle that a ship is rewarded if the environmental performance exceeds regulatory demands. The existing method for calculating CO2 in Clean Shipping Index will be reviewed during next year and likely adapted to the new rules.