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What's in it for me?

There are several benefits of becoming a CSI user. Please see details below for Cargo owner/forwarder, maritime administration, shipping company, port, clean tech supplier, bank/investor or verification company.

Cargo owner/forwarder

As a cargo owner or forwarder, you can use Clean Shipping Index as a practical tool for choosing sustainable shipping alternatives. You can compare the environmental performance of vessels or shipping companies in the procurement process or use the tool for calculating environmental footprints to CSR reports.

Maritime administration

Clean Shipping Index is a thorough digital tool suitable for differentiating fairway dues based on the environmental performance of vessels It is currently used by the Swedish Government.

How does it work?

CSI establishes a back-end connection to the organization’s IT-system and gives constant updated information about score of the vessel within all five environmental categories, as a basis for differentiating fees. No manual handling is required since the process is 100% digital and managed online.

Shipping company

Registering your vessels is free of charge and will help you map the environmental impact of your vessels. Any vessels achieving a high score in CSI can access rebates on Swedish fairway dues through proceeding with certifying the score. Third party verification is needed for accessing rebates and the associated cost is low in relation to the rebates.

When your vessels have received a certified CSI Class, you can also use the CSI Label as marketing towards your customers. For new buildings an estimated CSI Class has shown to generate a lower interest rate on the loan due to the lowered risk for the investor.

As a full access user of Clean Shipping Index you can issue 10 certificates per year without the administrative fee (€500 per certificate) and receive suggestions on investments for achieving a higher CSI Class, through identifying additional points in terms of low hanging fruit.


As a port you can differentiate your port tariff so that vessels that have a high environmental performance and call on your port, get a rebate on the port tariffs. You can give rebates to the port dues to third party verified vessels and be sure that the vessels have high performance when it comes to environment.

Choosing Clean Shipping Index will also mean that you will take into consideration the methodology’s holistic approach, where water & waste and chemicals are included – something that is unique for CSI.

Clean tech supplier

As a producer or provider of environmentally adapted products or services, you are contributing to the environmental progress of the shipping industry. The solutions that your company delivers have a direct result on vessels’ scoring in CSI, which can be used as a sales argument. As member of Clean Shipping Index, you can market your products & services to members within Clean Shipping Index and utilize the database for identifying shipowners with a focus on environmental performance.


Banks and investors have the power to make the shipping industry cleaner. When investing in a new ship, CSI believes that a good environmental performance should be a prerequisite for providing a loan. It is also a matter of reducing your risk, so an important question to ask is: ‘Are you investing in a vessel that will have an attractive environmental performance on the market?’

CSI gives you access to independently certified benchmark data that can support your decision-making processes. Furthermore, CSI can be used as a practical tool for implementing sustainable loan policies.

Verification company

Become an accredited verification company and start performing the audits required for CSI certification. More information about how to apply for accreditation is available in the Verification Guidelines under “download” in the menu to the right.