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News | 2017-11-01

GoodFuels Marine joins Clean Shipping Index

Clean Shipping Index welcome GoodFuels Marine External link, opens in new window. as user of Clean Shipping Index. GoodFuels Marine develops and delivers renewable, bio-derived fuel for the maritime sector. GoodFuels’ products are drop-in replacements of fossil distillate fuels, that can be used without any engine modification.

Advanced marine biofuels are low-sulphur and allow for well-to-wake CO2 reduction up to 90%. All GoodFuels’ products are produced from waste- and residues, and meet the most stringent sustainability criteria. GoodFuels is certified for the RSB-sustainability standard, and has installed an independent sustainability board comprised of NGO’s and academia, reviewing the sustainability of its products. GoodFuels Marine is part of the GoodNRG group.