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News | 2022-05-18

The choice of fuel affects environmental performance in CSI

The price for LNG is currently high and dual-fuel vessels might consider using other types of maritime fuel. From the CSI project management we want to point out that if there is a deterioration in performance for a vessel, the vessel needs to become re-verified to the new environmental performance, see section 2.1 of CSI methodology and reporting guidelines and chapter 2.3 of CSI verification guidelines.

At any time, the Clean Shipping project management can ask to review the background documentation of the verifier and the shipping company to ensure that the received scoring and calculations are accurate. If either verifier or shipping company cannot show the background documentation, either a re-verification process must start or verification will be lost. If verification is not performed in line with these verification guidelines, the verifier will lose the accreditation for one year and need to be accepted again by the Clean Shipping project management.