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Work environment challenges in repair and re-use of electronics

An important part of a sustainable transition is making it easier for consumers to repair and to purchase used products. During the repair and re-use of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), employees risk exposure to hazardous chemical substances. This project will develop a roadmap aimed at helping companies in a growing sector to manage chemical and organizational risks in the work environment.

Society must become better at preventing functioning electronics from becoming waste; this is an important part of the transition from fossil-fuel reliance to a sustainable society and circular economy. The production of new electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) consumes considerable resources in terms of materials and energy. The green transition of society requires a reduction in this use of resources, and that the proportion of recycled materials in the products continues to increase. But most important is that electronics products are used, repaired and reused for as long as possible.

Many established and new companies in the sector are working actively to improve the opportunity for consumers to repair and to purchase used products. However, because EEE contains several chemical substances that can harm our health, employees risk exposure when doing their work. Those involved with large-scale electronics recycling have knowledge about risks and management of this equipment, but this experience must be conveyed and adapted to small-scale operations such as collection points, repair businesses and companies that deal in used EEE.

The project aims to develop a roadmap that makes it possible to manage work environment challenges that arise when EEE products are to be repaired and recycled to a greater extent.

The project will focus on electrical and electronic equipment by:

  • Creating a network for relevant marketplace actors that manage, repair, reuse and recycle EEE.
  • Identifying and quantifying chemical exposure during work with the collection and repair of EEE.
  • Identifying factors that affect safety culture (e.g. communication, participation, reporting systems, feedback etc.) of companies that work with the repair and recycling of EEE.
  • Studying how business organizations manage any risks that arise during the repair and reuse of EEE, and how preventive measures are used to achieve a safe work environment.

The objective of the project is to ensure a good and safe work environment, that fosters sustainable work models, economic growth and the green transition of society.

To find our more, or if your business is interested in participating in or monitoring the project, please contact Project manager Anneli Julander.

Project facts

  • Project title: Work life and green transition – a roadmap to address the challenges faced during the repair and re-use of electronics
  • Funding body: Forte
  • Call for funding: Forte/Formas The Green Transition and Working Life 2021
  • Period: 2021 - 2024


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