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When your vessels has received the CSI label, your customers can see the environmental performance of your fleet. It can give you access to a competitive advantage and therefore a means to satisfy your customers’ wishes.

Vessels certified according to Clean Shipping Index can access discounts from Port authorities, examples listed under FAQ, and reduced fairway dues in Swedish waters. These benefits does not require membership in Clean Shipping Index but a certificate that verifies the vessel’s CSI class.

As member of Clean Shipping Index, you will can:

  • Issue 10 certificates per year without administrative fee (€500 per certificate)
  • Receive suggestions on investments for achieving a higher CSI class through identifying additional points in terms of “low hanging fruit”
  • Get support with calculating ROI based on savings on Swedish fairway dues
  • Receive knowledge about ports using CSI for differentiating port fees and how it works
  • Analyse your ships’ environmental performance vs best available technologies & international regulations
  • Get potentially lower interest rate for newbuildings with CSI as a practical risk management tool